Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bridal Shower Signs

Want to plan the perfect bridal shower? Whether the bride is an adventurous Aries or a laid-back Libra.... wait a minute.... that's not the kind of SIGN were talking about here. Let these cute photos from my bride Sasha speak for themselves!

It's all in the details guys! All you need is some signage for your event to tie everything together! Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. Thank you Sasha and A.R. Photography for these great shots!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Facebook Fans

My Urban Invites is thrilled to announce we have 150 fans and counting! If you haven't already become a fan, you can do that here: My Urban Invites FACEBOOK FAN page

What are the perks of becoming a facebook fan you ask? Well, I will tell you, being a fan means you will have My Urban Invites in your news feed. You will see all updates such as new promotions, recent work we have done, new Envelopments Featured Recipes, video testimonials, and more. You can write reviews on the facebook fan page as well under the profile picture to the left side you can click "reviews". We are always looking for new comments and answers to our questions. My Urban Invites posts often, so you will always have some eye candy too appreciate!

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Once you become a fan you will receive access to all our latest and greatest posts and pictures. Here is a sneak peek into the FANS ONLY welcome page:

With weekly updates, and so many different invitations and stationary for all occasions, you are sure to find something that tickles your fancy by becoming a lifelong FAN of My Urban Invites!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Party Invites- Envelopments

Wheather you celebrate your birthday each year with piƱatas or cocktails, there's a design that can be created just for you! Envelopments has created 15 new mouth watering Featured Recipes that range from a first birthday to a fifty-fifth birthday. We can use these design inspirations to create a unique combination that’s fitting for your next birthday celebration. Let's take a look at My Urban Invites favorites.

View all Recipes here:

"Alyssa Caldwell was turning 10 and she was ready for her first slumber party. “Too old” for a theme, we went with a fresh version of a tiered birthday cake, using fun and funky typography to create the shape. Black and white with a pop of acid green takes this invitation to another level fit for a double-digit celebrant." ~Envelopments


"We were inspired by events where parasols hang whimsically from the ceiling and wanted to recreate this fanciful feeling in the second birthday invitation for Bella Phillips. With a wind-blown effect on the typography, we use a fairy-tale theme for her royal tea party and incorporated a photo of this adorable princess." ~Envelopments

"We love parties that encourage guests to be interactive. For Joseph Levitz’s sixth birthday party, we used an art theme which entails an afternoon of creativity. To get the juices flowing, we used a paint-by-numbers image of an owl and incorporated vibrant drops of paint to keep the invitation bright and festive. You could also use a backing layer of chip board to create the rigidity found in a painter’s palette, or include a set of crayons for the recipients to use." ~Envelopments

"Whether they want to admit it or not, some men suffer through mid-life crises. For some men, it happens in their forties. For Keith Montenegro, it happened when he turned 55. This playful card pokes fun at getting older and defines the symptoms of what we consider “Manopause”." ~Envelopments

"Bright shades of magenta and navy blue combine with fun graphics and fonts in the invitation to Ruby Penardi’s second birthday party. We’ve turned the design on its side (45-degrees) and used a diamond format with the Envelofolds® enclosure. We’ve taken elements from the invitation and printed a custom patterned liner. For her party favors, we turned Wedge Favor Containers into confectionary treats by creating labels that mimic layers in a slice of cake." ~Envelopments

"Of all the decorations used in a birthday party, nothing is more iconic than a balloon. We added string to a playful font and also printed two balloons on the envelope liner in honor of Wesley Bartlett’s second birthday. We designed a custom size folded card to reveal the “2” balloon when the card is closed. Remember to start with a larger size folded card if you want to print a full bleed" ~Envelopments

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Birth Announcements- Envelopments

I have found enough inspiration from these super cute birth announcements to last a full term pregnancy! You MUST see these recently released designs by Envelopments. Here are a few of my absolute favorites. You can see all 23 new designs here: